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DIY waxing: persian waxing/sugaring recipe

February 14th, 2007 at 04:10 am

i tried this persian wax/sugaring recipe i found online today and wanted to share it with everybody as it is so simple to make.

basically it is
2 c. sugar
1/4 c. lemon juice
1/4 cup water

boil on stove until amber colored, let cool and harden just a little. Consistency shouldn't be brittle or too runny. It works best if hair is at least 1/4" long, and skin is freshly washed/exfoliated and dried (can use baby powder to help).

Once it's cooled a little you can use a plastic butter knife to spread it on your skin and cotton or muslin strips to peel it off. When the mixture hardens too much to use, simply microwave/reheat it and continue. When you're done you can store the unused portion for future use. I figure it's a great recipe because it's stuff most of us have around the house normally and it's fairly simple to follow. It's supposed to be less painful than traditional waxing although i couldn't tell you for sure as i've always been to chicken to wax until now.

Notes on what i did... i used half the amount of sugar (we ran out... drat!) and although it wasn't very think after i let it cool on the butter knife a little i could spread it on, press the strip down on the hair, wait a sec for to harden and then pull it off. i just cut up and old stained skirt and used that as my strips.

Here's a link to the site that i found it on...

hope this helps somebody. i think it's a great alternative for those that hate shaving and think regular waxing is too painful.

9 Responses to “DIY waxing: persian waxing/sugaring recipe”

  1. sugarfan Says:

    i just want to say, this recipe is wonderful - worked great, and it is so easy. I even cut up an old pair of flannel pj's; and it worked wonderfully. Thanks!

  2. Sarah Says:

    Ahh, I tried to do this tonight and it really didn't work out. I think I may have cooked the sugar too much, because when it was runny enough to use, it was burning hot (useless) and then when it had cooled down, it was rock solid (also useless). I'm gonna try it again and keep it on super low heat for a long time.

  3. Sabinette Says:

    Hey Sarah...

    About your waxing recipe it is probably the right one but I'll give an advice for the next time the same thing happens to you. Actually there are 2 advices lol.
    First of all if the wax becomes solid you can reheat it just a little bit until it actually becomes flexible, not fluid but flexible..
    Second thing once u heat it a bit try to take a portion using a spoon or what so ever and then stretch the wax between your fingers. Like hold the portion of wax and pull the sides away from each other, you could keep on doing that until you feel that it has become a bit hot, and the color changes normally from what can seem like very yellow to a whitish/ pale yellow...
    And last thing you can directly do the stretching thing even if the wax is solid.. It really really works..

    Good luck Wink

  4. Jeanne Says:

    This recipe for sugar wax is fabulous, I can't beleive how easy (and cheap) it is to make. Thank you so much for sharing!

  5. cra321 Says:

    I did it and the wax was too hard when it cooled down.
    I reheated it in the microwave for a few minutes, managed to get a handful of "mold" and tried to play with it for 30 minutes. It did change color and became warm, but it didnt become too elastic - it would break apart instanty.
    Please help!

  6. liz Says:

    oh, this works! i tried it for my upper lip and it worked. personally, i wouldn't use it on my bikini line or for a Brazilian wax, I'd leave that to the pros. other than that, I've found a new beauty wonder

  7. Bill Says:

    I used a receipe like this and it works well, I have to redo the areas as it seems not to get all the hair on the first try. I sugar myself then sugar my wife, we are both very pleased with the results. We seem to have to repeat the procedure on a bi weekly basis, That is fun and it does not cost anything. The sting of the pull is not much worse than a slap, but the results are smooth. Bill

  8. Cheri Says:

    I must be doing something wrong, no matter how long I seem to cook it, it still is runny. Yes I double checked my measurements. Has anyone tried to recook if it is too runny? What is the consistancy supposed to be like/

  9. Doug Says:

    Cheri, best thing to do is go to walmart they have a candy thermometer for like 3 bucks there, use that and cook it until it reaches 120 degree celcius.

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